ECB Euro foreign exchange rates

This page provides up to date information about the ECP ECB Euro foreign exchange rates.
ECB updates the values daily between 2.15 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. CET
The rates below have been automatically updated from the European Central Bank on 2018-07-19

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Currency Currency Name Exchange Rate Convert
USD USD US dollar1.1588
JPY JPY Japanese yen130.98
BGN BGN Bulgarian lev1.9558
CZK CZK Czech koruna25.920
DKK DKK Danish krone7.4537
GBP GBP Pound sterling0.89298
HUF HUF Hungarian forint325.77
PLN PLN Polish zloty4.3280
RON RON Romanian leu4.6575
SEK SEK Swedish krona10.3565
CHF CHF Swiss franc1.1622
ISK ISK Icelandic krona124.40
NOK NOK Norwegian krone9.5763
HRK HRK Croatian kuna7.3938
RUB RUB Russian rouble73.5585
TRY TRY Turkish lira5.5957
AUD AUD Australian dollar1.5804
BRL BRL Brazilian real4.4874
CAD CAD Canadian dollar1.5351
CNY CNY Chinese yuan renminbi7.8553
HKD HKD Hong Kong dollar9.0963
IDR IDR Indonesian rupiah16773.63
ILS ILS Israeli shekel4.2393
INR INR Indian rupee80.0155
KRW KRW South Korean won1320.68
MXN MXN Mexican peso22.1067
MYR MYR Malaysian ringgit4.7231
NZD NZD New Zealand dollar1.7229
PHP PHP Philippine peso62.180
SGD SGD Singapore dollar1.5909
THB THB Thai baht38.797
ZAR ZAR South African rand15.6003